Innsewerants Space Agency

Eavesdrop (ksp 0.24.2+)

Download latest ISA Eavesdrop

Welcome, Eavesdrop is a mod to help find objects of interest like easter eggs/anomalies without making it overly cheaty/not in line with gameplay. The mod is based on the assumption that objects of interest emit a signal in some range, the detector will pick these up and display signal strength divided by bandwidth range. Everything emits on certain ranges, perhaps in time you will start to recognize these patterns before you've even seen the source of the signal!

  • Extract the zip
  • Move the "Innsewerants Space Agency"-folder and all it's content to your KSP's "GameData"-folder
  • Make coffee and fly rockets

  • Created a part for the mod.
  • Added code to toggle baked part animation from mod gui
  • Added rotation functionality to left and right buttons (needs tweaking)
  • Dish heading now correct (Thank you taniwha for your input)
  • Pitch now correct, surface relative.
  • Scanning feature, will continiously rotate the dish.
  • Tracking feature. will keep the dish pointed at the same heading .
  • Tweaked ksc signal to be slightly less strong.
  • sped up manual rotation slightly.
  • Fixed bug where gui and part state could desync.
  • Power button now stows part as well.
  • Fixed null reference when dish gets destroyed.
  • Window&icon not repositionable yet
  • Only has red night mode display atm
  • Close range scanning/science reward feature(?)
  • Tried adding code generated sound, no luck yet.
  • rotation doesn't stop if mouse button released outside of gui button area.
  • no directional receiving yet despite the part model being done. This can wait until other functionality is all working as intended.
  • haven't added an animation routine to move to correct position before toggling baked animation, part will jump to right position instantly if it's not in the correct position when toggling stowing animation.
  • Added pitch indicator functionality, currently just shows ship pitch
  • Added signals for every easter egg (as far as I know)
  • Added proper button graphics
  • Power button is now functional
  • Added icon to open Eavesdrop
  • Added GPS to display
  • Made the Heading bar functional, for now shows ship heading due to missing part
  • Added Night/Day mode Icon to display
  • Added Mode button function, still need to add the day mode colours though.
  • Added Pitch indication, not functioning yet.
  • Added proper window/instrument background
  • Added tracking and scanning indication on display
  • Fixed signal sources missing on first flights
  • Tweaked signal strength falloff/range
  • Covered entire background width red colour for gui work (temporary)
  • Basic functionality
  • Initial GUI work, functioning graph etc
  • Added placeholder buttons
  • Added signals for monoliths, memorial pod and a Priceless artifact(?)
  • Range estimate ~25 km depending on signal
  • Partless mod (might change for gameplay reasons (small dish under manual control for trying to gauge direction of signal?)

Also visit my dev blog on the KSP Community site